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Name Vivek Kumar 
Email vikky@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in 
Comments Best Of Luck.


Name Hansa Chandra
Email hansovna@hotmail.com 

dear mr. s.sharma. i hope i am the first visitor and i wish you all the best for success.

Name Dr Sanjay

Life is full of uncertainties. Only birth and death appear to be certain. It is the destiny that holds the reins of life. Time Passes leaving things unplanned, undone, unknown. To know the unknown, to visualise what is not seen God has chosen to let 'ASTROTODAY' become star in the space which can guide with certainty.  


Name Ajith Warrier
Email ajithwarrier@yahoo.com 
Comments Best of luck!

Name L.Sridhar
Email srihi@vsnl.com 
Comments It is a yeoman service,please keep it up, May your tribe increase.

Name Ram Naik
Email mopng@ndb.vsnl.net.in 
Comments Received your letter and came to know about your site. It's interesting and knowledgeable. Best wishes for the success.

Name KK Shukla
Email pramod_ent@satyam.net.in 
Comments Best wishes for success

Name Ajay Gupta
Email ajay29165@yahoo.com 
Comments To day I read in AmarUjala about you. It is good and necessity for all. Good wishes for you and your side.

Name Amit Shah
Email amitej@hotmail.com 
Comments I have trust in 'Astrology' but biggest problem is whom to trust as a genuine Astrologer!!

Name Janmejay h mankad
Email j_mankad@yahoo.com
Comments  it is a good site for astrology, but i feel that you can still make it better by more involvement of the net surfer. it should be distinctly different from other sites. thanks.

Name L.Sridhar
Email srihi@vsnl.com 
Comments Sir, It is a yeoman service to humankind in this kali kala. Please keep doing the good work. If I can be of any use to you in this noble cause kindly do let me know.

Name Navnit Singh
Email navneet.singh@us.hsbc.com 
Comments Excellently designed site but the contents should now be upgraded and more information on a general basis should be available to the public to entice them to keep coming back Good luck.

Name Sunil Kumar Gupta
Email sunnny@sunilsmail.com 
Comments Satisfied with your predictions

Name Shaili Swarup
Email shailiswarup@hotmail.com 

Mr.Sharma must be applauded for the valuable social service he is doing to people all over the world. Congratulations! A Few tips for the site- the red and white colored blocks on the left hand side showing the contents are not at all viewing friendly bcoz of the colours,too close to each other and indistinct. Some more interesting information about individuals like the zodiac or some special indian astrolgy tips according to Rahu-ketu,yogas should be added as sections to keep up with competition from other indian as well as foreign sites.

Name Ayyappan
Email ayyappan19@usa.net 
Comments It is useful for all people who are like to live happy in this world.

Name Dr.parthasarathy chelikani
Email parthach@hotmail.com 

Very innovative site with good coverage and above all free service is rare nowadays. congrats on helping the occultsciences spread.

Name Milton Rodrigo Teixeira Passos
Email coolmilton00@yahoo.com 

Im very happy to know that priceless information is being disclosed thru the wisdom of vedic science to a lot of people in need. Thank you.

Name Surbhi Makkar
Email dusk_life@yahoo.com 

It was nice to visit your site when i was practising on internet.Shall visit again after knowing from you that my message has been read.

Name Ajit Upadhyay
Email ajitup@yahoo.com 
Comments Dear Sir, I found your site great although some of the features are yet to come. its queries/solutions section is valuable for surfers

Name Sandeep Rathi
Comments This is fantastic site which I have seen ever before. Again Thank you very much and best wishes for the future.

Name avinash
Email raoavi2000@yahoo.com 
Comments I read the page & found very helpful to me.



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