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The prediction given on Indian Stock Markets are for the guidance of people/investors so that they can have better fiscal management and can be saved from financial disasters. It is worthwhile to mention here that the stock markets are the gift of Kaliyuga to mankind as they have evolved only in last one century around the globe and several people have suffered huge losses which has seriously affected their lives. So it is for the people to decide whether the stock markets are curse or blessing for the mankind but the fundamental research being done by me in this field will definitely benefit the people.


Visitors are advised not to invest their money in Stock Markets until unless they have combinations to gain through stocks in their own horoscopes. They are also advised not to indulge in day to day trading based on daily predictions given as under due to the reason that the B.S.E. index/prices of scrips vary sharply within the same day and one may enter the market at wrong point of time depending upon one's own destiny and suffer losses. The predictions are for general guidance only. Hence it is strongly recommended that one must get the birth chart (horoscope) analysed for gain from stock markets before making investments. It has been observed that people not having combinations of gains through stocks in their horoscopes suffer losses even if accurate predictions are given to them as they happen to pick up wrong scrips/stocks which move opposite to B.S.E. index movements.


Prediction made in July 2007 for crash after mid Jan 2008

The scanned copy of the prediction on the trends of Indian Stock Markets published in ECONOMIC TIMES dt 7th July 2007 which was made when the Indian Stock Market BSE Index had crossed 15,000 points. This prediction, which includes the worldwide crash after mid-January 2008 has come hundred percent correct.

This success re-establishes the accuracy of INDIAN ASTROLOGY and its application in our day to day life.

Prediction for year 2000

The Indian Stock Markets during the remaining year 2000 (i.e. from August to December,2000) will remain bearish and the B.S.E. index will keep on fluctuating between 3,500 to 5,500 levels (more between 4000 to 5000 levels)., and it will not be able to jump the levels of 6000 during the remaining year which it had touched on 11th & 14th February, 2000.

Prediction for August, 2000

 Stock markets will start improving from the late first week but will again see downward trend in 2nd week , however it will be stable during the 3rd and 4th week. The overall B.S.E. index will not vary more that (+)/(-) 10% on either sides during the month.