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Vistors are requested to ask any query on any current event which shall be replied to and made available through this page.

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Dt: 10th May 2014


The following corrigendum was put up on my Facebook on 6th April 2014.

..In continuation to my predictions made on General Elections-2014 on 5th March....where in para 7 it is predicted that three regional parties will join NDA after elections.....analysis was based on the configuration of NDA as on 5th March...one regional party TDP has joined NDA now....now two more regional parties to join the Govt. out of which one will be headed by a lady....now NDA to get about 260 seats.


Dt: 5th March 2014

Prediction on General Election 2014

Shri Narendra Modi is the "DESTINY CHILD" who is destined to be the Prime Minister of India which was already predicted one year back when he was not even the Chief of Campaingn Committe. Destiny has already picked him as Chief Minister of Gujrat in 2001 and now he is on way to take over as P.M. He has certain mission as ordained by God to complete as Prime Minister of india which will be made public after he takes over as Prime Minister.

With the above background the prediction for General Elections 2014 are as follows:-

  1. There will be unprecedented Modi wave in North India.

  2. Shri Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister of India.

  3. It will be hung parliament after elections with no party getting full majority.

  4. B.J.P. will emerge as the single largest party by winning more than 200 seats followed by Congress (2nd largest) and AAP (3rd largest).

  5. N.D.A will get about 250 seats.

  6. Congress will get the lowest seats in the history of India and will not be able to cross the 100 mark. Third front will get about 80 seats. AAP to get about 40 seats.

  7. There will be post election alliance with three more regional parties supporting the NDA. and joining the Govt. One of the regional party will be headed by a lady. The strength of Govt. after post election alliance will be about 300. CORRIGENDUM

  8. The Govt. will run for full 5(five) years.

  9. Several top Congress leaders will loose in this Election and there will be a very big adverse election result for Congress in this election.

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Prediction on Modi's Site
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